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Filter sponge and its application

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Author : Trancy Ruan
Update time : 2021-01-11 16:19:38

Filter sponge is also called mesh sponge, open-hole sponge.Polyurethane filter sponge is made of ordinary open soft foam after mesh treatment. The mesh treatment gets rid of the original mask or wall film between the foam networks, and the main skeleton mesh structure is obtained.The filter sponge has a voidage rate of up to 97%, and has excellent air permeability, good softness and high mechanical strength.


Applicable industry: used for all kinds of motorcycles, automobile filters, filtration equipment, aquarium, gas masks, air conditioners, highly breathable seat cushion, mattresses, activated carbon filter substrate, filling ceramic filter substrate and other industries.There are also oil-resistant polyester filters.Slow rebound filter, etc.Oil resistance, weak acid and alkali resistance, with good ventilation and tensile properties,


Filtering sponge is widely used for filtering dust, pollen, drifting dust, solvent, mechanical filtration equipment, air filter, automobile and motorcycle filter, motor cabinet dust, filter oil, air conditioning dust and model making and other filtration industries

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